December 5, 2018

Winter the season for hot teas, hot chocolate, heavy sweaters, shorter days, longer nights, darkness, and heaviness. Winter is also the season for sneezes, sniffles, body aches, infections and...

May 24, 2018


Breathing is my favorite stress release exercise - it is free, easy, and effective.

Emotional blocks and emotional stress are all linked to fear. Fear can create negative statements and pattern...

March 31, 2016


We face anxiety everyday, everyone life has moments where their burden seems too heavy to bear. Meeting deadlines, work stress, finishing tasks and dealing with people all creates these moment...

October 4, 2015



Research on pranayama has shown the following benefits..

  • Decreasing in anxiety and depression

  • Decrease in blood pressure

  • Increased energy levels

  • Muscle relaxation

  • Reduc...

September 30, 2015


Chronic stress is a principle cause of many health problems...heart disease, obesity, infections, strokes and many others...

According to Ayurveda stress blocks the body's vital channels t...

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