We always forget how important and interconnected these 4  pillars are. Weight-loss is an integrative process: if one of the pillars is lagging the others will lag too. That is why for a sustainable weight-loss program we need all 4 pillars to work together to achieve results.


So what is joy & gratitude? When cultivating joy & gratitude in our life, we change the way we look at ourselves, our body, our eating habits and the world around us. This, in turn, will balance our hormones and allow us to indulge in positive feelings of appreciation and love which will definitely pay off.



This practice will help you approach life more mindfully with a sense of appreciation and awareness. Hence you will feel better, gain courage and embrace change.



Joy is that feeling of lightness in being, when we feel that each day is a new day of opportunities and not a day of sameness. Looking positively at your body, your emotions and your experiences will lead to a joyful vibrant life.

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