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Are you seeking help for, weight management, emotional and/or
stress-related eating, or prevention of chronic diseases?

You are in the right place.


 Our coaching approach is a great way to ensure you are getting the
right information, and empowering you to a fresh start to your health.
We want you to thrive and feel fabulous!


 We integrate the wisdom of Ayurveda ( ancient Indian medical system) and best evidence-based western science of nutrition to give you the best personal recommendations. It is a holistic approach to a person where we look at the BODY - MIND - EMOTIONS concurrently.

These 3 aspects play a crucial role in the success of any nutrition program.

Through our customized coaching and our mind-body approach and healing, we will craft your personal program during our first session to transform your health. We will evaluate your nutrition status, your imbalances, health goals, and all the barriers to meeting those goals. You will learn how to nourish your body with clean whole foods, how to control your negative thoughts and how to feel joy and happiness in your life.

Some people need just a couple sessions to get them on track, while others benefit more from a customized

28-day program or an ongoing relationship with me. It all depends on you. But we guarantee that you will leave with a sense of accomplishment that you have more control over your health.

  • Heal your relationship with food
  • Reset your metabolism
  • improve digestion
  • increase energy
  • curb your cravings
  • feel better 

Let's get started...

Consultations can be face to face/skype/facetime.


"Shortness of Breath, Swollen / weight gain, Severe Exhaustion, Bloated, Severely Constipated (all my life), My Scalp Burns, Bi-lateral Rash on inside forearms, Arrhythmia, Depression, ADD, Memory Problems, Angular Chelitis, Thinning hair. Sima listened and advised me to start with a 4-week program to tackle these issues and get my body back to a place of health. She wrote all my menus and recipes, week by week and would make adjustments as we went along the way, depending on how I responded to the foods that she incorporated. 1 week in and I was feeling better, which made me a bit more optimistic and excited. 2 weeks in I felt good. 3 weeks in great. And by the 4th week, my energy felt like it was at a level that mirrored my teenage years! I know that it should seem logical that what we put into our body actually affects our moods and our health, but if I had known that I could have made this much of a difference by changing my diet, I would have done it years ago! Absolutely life changing and the BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself. The only symptom I still have is the arrhythmia, but it’s gone from multiple episodes a day to one a week or less. Definitely, do this for yourself. It is absolutely worth every penny! 

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