• Sima Farage

“This too shall pass”:My favourite mantra

"This This too shall pass” is one of my favorite sayings. I have used it when I felt happy and I have used it when I felt really sad. I have used it professionally and I have used it personally.

When things in our life are going well, we resist the thought that it will end and when things are going bad we think they will last forever. But they don’t.

Having the awareness of “this too shall pass” allows us to appreciate each moment, bad or good. When going through rough and sad moments it is important to use it as it will remind you that those moments are only temporary and that you will eventually get through.

As a person who has had many ups and downs in my life I have to say that this mantra taught me many things. It taught me that we are beings coming to this world to create and experience. When living with those experiences, you t

hink they will never end but they do and looking back at our lives we see how we transitioned from phase to phase in a way that we never really have predicted or could have predicted.

Looking at my life I can say that many good and bad periods have passed and change was inevitable. Professionally, I had many challenges and bad days, which I thought would never pass but they did. When raising my kids as a single mother, sleepless nights were endless but those too passed. When my kids were teenagers and went through their crises, this too passed. When I established my business and had days of worries about sales, management and deals, I thought they would never end. When I moved cities, trying to establish myself again, I thought that uncertainty would never end but it did. When my relationship became sour I thought those moments would never end but they did. When I cried over my bad decisions I thought the sadness would never end but it did. When my kids went to university and struggled to adapt I thought that worry would never end but it did.

At the end, it all ends and it all passes … and the key piece of wisdom I learned is to embrace every stage of life, every experience, every feeling, every sadness, every happiness and every situation knowing that it will end. This is when we appreciate it, learn from it and enjoy it. We will enjoy what life has given us both in positive and negative as neither will last forever. Acceptance of that mantra will lead us to live every moment of our existence in harmony and in joy.

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