• Sima Farage

Why the Future of Health is Eating for your Body-Mind Type.

Whenever I mention to my friends that it’s important to eat according to our body-mind type, they think it is related solely to the shape of their body ( apple, p

ear, pepper or ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph). Of course some physical characteristics are factors in determining the differences in the metabolic functioning of each person but there is so much more to it. A full analysis of the body-mind allows us to understand each person’s unique constitution, how the body responds to food intake, and what are the hormonal and sympathetic nervous system’s characteristics.

Once a person determines their body-mind constitution, they will have a much better understanding of who they are, why they react to outside stimulus or events differently, why certain foods do not work with them and what drive them to their behaviour.

When I finally understood my body-mind constitution ( at a late stage in my life, wish I learned it earlier to avoid so much unnecessary physical and mental pain), I was able to nourish my body accordingly and avoid all the food which did not work for me. I slept better, controlled my emotions and felt happier and healthier than ever. Since then, I consciously make lifestyle and nutrition choices that bring the best out of me. My type is Vata-Pitta and I was so much out-of balance few years ago; I was fatigued, anxious, irritable and quick to get frustrated, was constipated, overheating, cried at every occasion, and my skin, hair and nails were extremely dry. I needed the opposite of what I ate. I needed grounding warm, oily food and my diet was mainly consisting of dry, raw food ( loved bread and cheeses, salads, crackers, dried fruits all of which are a noise no-no for my body type) and skipped meals. With a change and understanding of what is needed for both my body and mind I managed to decrease my cholesterol, blood pressure and lose easily 10 lbs. So now we can understand why do three different people on the same exercise program get three completely different results? Why millions of diets invented, none ever worked for everyone.

Ayurveda offers a comprehensive system of understanding of how we are all different. This understanding will help you make the best choices for your own health and wellbeing, what specific foods, exercise style and daily/seasonal routines are right and balancing for you.

Body types are essential for diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of optimal health. It is key to be able to take control of your health. because no one else will understand YOU more than YOU.


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