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A positive attitude for a healthier and longer life

A positive attitude to life can actually help you live healthier and longer. This is the latest research of Dr. Laura Kubzansky, professor of social and behavioral sciences at Harvard T.H. Chan School of public health who said “ your outlook-having a sense of optimism and purpose- seems to be predictive of health outcomes”. She found that emotional vitality such as enthusiasm, hopefulness, engagement and emotional balance is actually related to less heart attacks and strokes.

So here are some tips to keep a positive attitude:

1) Stop dwelling on your age: Yes as simple as that, keeping a young spirit can help in living longer. Instead of always complaining about age or finding excuses because of age. Just keep feeling young and value the positive aspects of being your age will do miracle for your health and longevity. ​

2) Focus on the positive in every situation: Don’t get annoyed with little issues, look at the big picture. Many people just get annoyed with little things such as traffic, delay of flights, weather etc.. just let go of the stress in these situation and look at the opportunities in each situation. Become more selective in what stresses you.

3) Keep a sense of purpose and pick up a hobby. Choose a hobby which you enjoy- sport, language, music, or any volunteer activity. This way you will find balance in your life between work, family and hobby.

4)Practice Mindfulness: many research is indicating that regular practices of mindfulness have a positive impact on health. Focusing on the moment, taking the time to be still, being non-judgmental to your thoughts and feeling will help you stay positive and away from negative thoughts.


Keep smiling, stay positive and be healthy.

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