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Ayurvedic Secrets for Weight-Loss

You probably are fed-up of all the diets out there. I am... and with so much information so many of us are still struggling with some accumulated weight. Perhaps you are now ready for a more holistic approach to getting rid of these extra pounds. Ayurveda provides us with a simple approach to weight-loss, no stress, no calorie counting… So if you are ready to try a different approach just keep reading.

  1. Eat only 3 meals a day

  2. Avoid snacking between meals

  3. Have a big lunch and small dinner

  4. Give your body a break by fasting 12-14 hours

  5. Monitor your blood sugar

  6. Eat your fiber at every meal

  7. Concentrate on good fats

  8. High intensity exercise

  9. Relax when eating

  10. Sleep more

  1. Eat 3 meals a day: Establish a routine to eat at certain hours and try not to skip your meals. To lose weight you have to give your body a chance to burn the fat. A good breakfast made of protein, good fats, fiber and greens is ideal. A big lunch is important was our digestion is best at that time of the day. A small dinner, try not to overeat at night and give your body a chance to sleep on an empty stomach. This way your body will be forced to burn fat between meals and throughout the night.

  2. Avoid snacking: if you eat 3 good meals, there is no need for snacking. The digestive fir is best when it is left alone digesting food, if we keep on adding food to our stomach our digestion will slow down and fat burning will slow down as well. Avoiding snacks is fantastic to burn fat naturally.

  3. Have a big lunch: Make your lunch the largest meal. Your plate should be filled (70%) with vegetables and greens, Protein ( 25%), Good fats (5%).

  4. Monitor your blood sugar: Avoid any food with simple sugar, simple sugar equals cravings, and craving equals extra pounds. By eliminating sugar you will help the body regulate the glucose circulating in your blood. Sugary products include simple carbohydrates ( bagels, doughnuts, rice, pasta, crackers, cookies, etc.. ) .

  5. Eat your fiber: Fiber is crucial for good digestion. Becoming aware to include fiber in your meals will help you get rid of the fat out of the body. Try to get 50g of insoluble and soluble fiber per day.

  6. Concentrate on good fats: Without good fat the liver and the brain cannot function properly. Including good fats with your meal is crucial for weight loss. YES.. Good fats are - avocado, olives, pure nut butter, ghee, coconut oil, nuts and seeds.

  7. High intensity exercise: Now walks are great to stay healthy, but for weight loss you need to get the heart rate up. So choose short high intensity exercises- Try 1 minute sprint, jumping jacks, burpees etc.. and rest for 2 minutes to recover and do it again 4-8 times.

  8. Relax when you are eating: Our microbiome is sensitive to our moods, the more relax the more they will do their job properly, the more tense you are the less they will perform. Enjoy

your food, look at it, smell it and chew it well.

  1. Sleep more- Getting a good night sleep helps the body relax, detox and rejuvenate. Aim to get 8-9 hours a night.

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