The Power of Color: Balance and Beautify

October 27, 2015




How funny that it took me such a long time to realize the impact of colors on my wellbeing and health. Colors are all around us – they are in our food, clothes, sheets, paint, clothes, towels, cars etc.. And everyday, they’re an important factor in our decision making: Should I wear a black, red or white shirt? Should I wear the purple or the orange tie? Should I eat a red, a yellow or a green apple? Should I use the blue or the black pen?  And yet we rarely stop to think about how color actually affects both our physical and mental states.


It all made sense to me when I sat down once and thought about the time I painted my TV room bright orange and my living room red. The house looked energetic and friends and guests loved it. However, I remember how I felt in that house; nervous, anxious, stimulated, agitated, restless… I never really felt relaxed. I had the worst fights with my husband in the red living room. Now I know that according to my Dosha those two colors, red and orange, are a NO NO for me. Those colors brought my Pitta dosha out of balance and created agitation, nervousness and stimulation.


In Ayurveda, colors are the equivalent of a subtle form of nutrition to the mind, body and energy. Colors are energies vibrating at different frequencies, and this energy has a powerful effect on the mind and body. Each color sends a vibration, which is absorbed by the eyes (Alochaka Pitta) and then sent to the brain for processing.

Colors have qualities and they are divided into three: Harmonious colors such as white, blue, gold and violet have a “sattvic” quality.  Red, orange, yellow and purple have a “rajasic” quality meaning they create physical and emotional heat. Black, brown and gray have “tamasic” quality meaning they induce dullness, heaviness and inertia


The Red spectrum affects our physical energies, blue spectrum affect our spiritual energies and Yellow spectrum affects our mental energies. The following is a list of colors and their impact on our wellbeing and others


RED – Do you want attention? Do you want to be romantic? Red is your color.

It is the color of passion, energy and stimulation. Just remember the impact of red on a bull… that will give you an idea. The use of red color is great to improve fatigue, anemia, colds and blood circulation. Red can stimulate the 5 senses; taste, hearing, touch, smell and touch.


ORANGE- Like red, orange also draws but in a more soothing way, it is the color of action, thinking, creativity and sexual expression. It is also the color associated with being fun, warm and ambitious. That is why Frank Sinatra said “Orange is the happiest color”. Orange stimulates the lungs, the digestive system and relives muscle cramps and spasms.

YELLOW: Yellow is the color of the sun energy and is perfect when you are feeling down. It an uplifting color that brings clarity, motivation and joy. Fill a vase with yellow flowers and feel the joy radiate through. Yellow helps strengthening the nervous system and the brain.


GREEN: Green is the color of nature and earth. It promotes peace, harmony and growth. It has a soothing effect on the body and mind. When worn it indicates frankness, morality and reputation. It can be used for many healing therapies but is specifically effective in healing the liver, spleen and pituitary gland.


BLUE: Blue is the color of loyalty, communication and tranquility. People were found to be more productive when working in a blue room. This color is great for sleep disorder, inflammation and anxiety condition. It is the most used color in hospitals.

Blue helps cool down inflammations, fever, high blood pressure, headaches and calms strong emotions like anger, aggression or hysteria.


PURPLE: Purple is the color of royalty and is generally associated with wealth, prosperity, wisdom, and sophistication. It is the highest color vibration of the spectrum. This color is associated with spirituality and intuition; so if you are in an indecisive mood try adding purple in your room or even on your nails. This is the color of transformation it heals melancholy, delusions, and hysteria. Leonardo da Vinci stated that you can increase the power of meditation ten-fold by being under the violet light falling through the Church windows.

It is used for relaxation, mental equilibrium and concentration.


BLACK: Black is a color associated with power, seriousness and authority. Most of the robes are black; graduation, judicial, and religion. Black is the mixture of all colors and is symbol of the unknown. It is cold, dark and heavy color.


WHITE: White symbolizes innocence, purity and faith – that’s why brides wear white. It reflects the light, and is cool and neutral. It can be used in relieving pain, soothing nerves and calming emotions. It is the most spiritual color.


Here are some recommendations:

  1. Have some green on your desk or in your office

  2. Ladies, wear red on a date

  3. Men, wear blue on a date

  4. Wear orange to the gym

  5. Wear black when you want to be serious and aggressive

  6. Don’t wear gray to the office

  7. Paint your office blue or green

  8. To be visible wear a little yellow




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