“You are only as beautiful as you think you are”

December 10, 2015

A small dose of self-love can boost your happiness, self-esteem, confidence and balance. Self-love can come from difference places:







1. Gratitude:  Keep a gratitude journal by your bedside and write a list of what you’re grateful for before going to bed (it will help a blissful sleep).  Being grateful for what we are, what we have, what we achieved and for our health are all part of internal and external beauty. If everyday we just take a moment to be grateful for what we already have, it will decrease stress, slow the aging process and increase serotonin. 


2. Appreciation:  It may seem similar to gratitude but it’s not. Appreciation is derived from gratitude and involves becoming aware and present. We rarely give ourselves a pat on the back and congratulate our selves for who we really are now in the present. As we live in an era of more and more - more thin, more beauty, more money - comparison haunts us constantly and social media does not help. We see our friend’s life on “facebook” and believe it is so much more wonderful than ours. We are starting to confuse fiction with reality.… Instead STOP and say “I am a great person and I am thankful for who I really am”. These moments of self-love and appreciation allow positivity, confidence and self-esteem to flourish and hence a more radiant skin. Try it, you don’t lose anything.


 3. Breathing and meditation:  Whatever is weighing on your mind right now: stress, anger, anxiety, worry, jealousy, disappointment or sadness, release all these emotions with a few minutes of breathing and meditation. Scientific research has proven that meditation, breathing and mindfulness are great tools to allow us to conquer our negative state and build beauty. Breathing relaxes the face muscles; increase circulation of oxygen and nutrients in the body. Take 5 mins of your day to sit in silence and mediate, it’s also a great way to fight anti-aging.


4. Food for moods: Choosing the wrong foods can cause blood sugar fluctuation and hence will make you feel sad, anxious and depressed. Food that feeds your brain will also feed your skin. A mostly plant-based diet filled with complex carbs, seasonal fruits and veggies, healthy fats, protein from legumes and nuts, and olive oil is the key to a happy mood and glowing skin. Concentrate your diet on the above and you will see radiant skin and a radiant energy glowing like I did.  Avoid refined sugar, simple carbs, caffeinated sodas, coffee, processed fats and food. 


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