Ayurvedic food combination! be careful what you eat together :)

September 30, 2015



According to Ayurveda each food has a unique combination of tastes and energies. Each food has an effect on both digestive system and on the body as a whole.

Combining foods with with different energies and taste can lead to indigestion, gas, bloating and mainly the creation of toxins (Ama). Proper combination is a must...


  • Milk or yogurt with bananas, cherries, sour or citrus fruits, bread made with yeast, meat and yogurt.

  • Beans with fruits, cheese, fish, milk, meat and yogurt .

  • Eggs with fruits, beans, cheese, fish and milk.

  • Hot drinks with mangoes, cheeses, fish, meat, starch and yogurt.

  • Grains with any fruits

  • Yogurt with Fruits, cheese, eggs, fish, hot drinks and


  • Nightshades (Potato, Tomato, Eggplant, Chilies) with Yogurt, Milk, Melon, Cucumber

  • Ice water or ice drinks with any meal..


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