Spring is here....

March 22, 2016



Nothing makes me feel better then the breeze of spring and basking in the heat of the morning sun. This year January and February have been extremely difficult for me with the fluctuation of temperature, humidity and wind in New York City.  I felt completely out of balance in my Vata and an overwhelming state of worry and anxiety..


So Spring and Kapha welcome…





As Dr. Douillard wrote in “The 3-Season Diet” every season comes with a different diet for balancing the body and the mind.


So what does a spring diet look like?


Look for the Bitter greens. They are excellent natural detoxifiers, they are rich in phytonutrients, which play into the biotransformation of toxic compounds and allow the body to flush them out. It is amazing as we all need to feel lighter in spring and lose those 1-3 extra pound accumulated during winter… and BOOM, nature gives us the bitter greens to just flush them away.


Stay away from congestive food: such as refined flour, wheat, dairy product, sugar and high-fat food. Spring is the wheat and gluten-free season… we do not harvest any in this season. It is recommended to stay away from wheat, pasta, rice and breads. This is a great time to indulge on fruit and vegetable, let your plate be 2/3 vegetable and 1/3 protein or grains. This is the season animal give birth and not a time to consume dairy products. Stay away from dairy!!!!


Drink lots of water 6-8 glasses: This is the best time to detox your body by drinking a lot of hot water during the day. Sip hot water all day it is excellent to help eliminate and flush away toxins and help in clearing allergies.


Beware of the cold: We have a tendency to get over-excited with spring and to go out in nature with light clothes. But this is the season of cold and allergies. Keep you head and neck warm at all time wear a hat and keep a shawl or scarf in your bag. It is spring after all, not summer yet.


Reconnect with nature. After these dull days of winter, spring is the great time to start spending time outdoors. Take walks in the park or by the sea and the most energizing activity is to do deep breathing as you walk and inhale the freshness of spring. This is the period I love to sit mindfully in the park and look at a flower or a tree and feel the energy…


Think of starting something new. Spring is a great time to start something new. Think about this period as a New Year.. it is a great time to take on a new hobby, try a new course, take that yoga class you always wanted.. so think about what you wanted to start doing and take a moment and put it into action.


Have fun and enjoy this amazing season…



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