How I Lowered My Cholesterol from 320 to 190..and kept it there.

March 15, 2017





My second life (as I call it) started when I got the health scare of discovering I had a 320 cholesterol level (I did not even know that it could be that high) and a minor heart problem due to it.

My doctor who gave me 9 minutes of his time to look at my results immediately took out the prescription pad from his coat and started writing a long list of scary-sounding medications I needed to take. That was the moment I decided to take my health into my hands and seek alternative healing modalities.


I was a very unhealthy vegetarian (yes vegetarians can be unhealthy). My diet consisted of diet coke, cheese, bread & crackers with a sprinkling of vegetables and fruits from time to time. I thought a life without cheese cannot be sustained… but when I was convinced to try a plant-based diet, I realized that there are so many foods we think we cannot live without but actually we can easily, they are more habit than a real necessity.


I started by eliminating and replacing: eliminated dairy and replaced it with legumes. Once I became friends with legumes and learned to love them and make them according to my taste I realized how easy and tasty they can be. So much more tasty than the greasy cheeses I used to eat. I learned to add spices, I learned to add vegetables to them and learned to make a dish within 20 minutes. Hurray… I loved it.. The legumes I consume on regular basis are: red lentils, green lentils, white beans and chickpeas.


Then I eliminated all refined carbohydrates and replaced them with complex carbohydrates. Yes quinoa, oatmeal and wild rice and became my best friends…  I gave up on the refined carbohydrates which I used to love and started experimenting with this new taste. My breakfast consist of oatmeal cooked in almond or soy milk (non GMO) and a banana and that was so satisfying and kept me full till lunch.


Then I added colorful vegetables. Seriously I never knew there was so many different vegetables and so many different colors and that each color of a vegetable holds different nutrients and vitamins..  (hey I was a business woman, these things were not important). 

I discovered yellow and orange which are high in Vit C, Vit A, beta carotene and antioxidants that neutralizes free radicals and damaged cells.: one-half-cup of red bell pepper provides 95 milligrams of vitamin C, which is about 25 milligrams more than a medium orange. 


I discovered green filled with iron, phytochemicals, potassium and fiber; they are great detoxifiers. Then came blue and purple which are filled with antioxidants (anthocyanin) which are anti-cancer and heal the heart. Then came the red which are are rich in reservatol and lycopene which is was amazing for my heart disease and cancer. and finally I discovered white which are rich in prebiotics which feed the probiotics in our intestines.


I also added to every meal, what I called my SSM (Super Spice Mix). a mixture of turmeric, cayenne pepper, cumin, coriander, ginger and black pepper.


For my sweet taste I replaced all the processed cookies with fruits, lots of fruits…


I also learned how to cook and control what ingredients goes into my food. Never have I felt better and within 10 months my cholesterol when down to 190, and that was 3 years ago..


I am a major advocate of plant-based diet and I can only say it is not as difficult nor boring as you think it is… Give it a try.. go to our webpage and get more information:



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