6 Tips to Losing Weight - No Calorie Counting, No Obsessing!

December 11, 2017



 I have seen amazing results in weight-loss with my clients, with no obsession on calorie-counting, no fixation on fat-grams and no cravings for sugar.


The latest approach is to let go of counting and to look more on a holistic approach to eating and living. My approach is to look at food in terms nourishing and balancing the body and mind and to concentrate on how you feel instead of being obsessed with numbers. Because as Marcelle Pick, MSN, OB/GYN, NP, author of The Core Balance Diet says “If losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight were as simple as counting, we’d be a nation of skinny minnies,”.


In trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to lose weight, it is imperative to look at the factors  that have the greatest effect on the body and mind.

  1. Toxicity: The body is just amazing! Everyday it deals with a lots of toxicity we swallow, we inhale, we absorb and we smell .. It does the job, however when the toxicity level is high the body as expected starts leaving toxins in the system and this toxicity leads to many dis-eases such as bloating, brain fog, joint pain, acne, eczema and weight gain. So yes detox is used everywhere, but a proper detox is necessary for healing and eventually for weight loss.

  2. Inflammation: chronic systematic inflammation in the body can lead to high level of cholesterol, heart disease and many more. A diet which emphasizes reducing inflammation is necessary. In our Utter Wellness program we stress on eliminating the most inflammatory inducing foods such as processed foods, gluten, sugar and dairy. And adding anti-inflammatory foods such as spices, turmeric, berries, flax and chia seeds, and dark leafy greens to mention a few..

  3. Microbiome: Cultivating a healthy microbiome is key to maintaining a healthy life.  After getting rid of bad bacteria it is time to feed the trillion good bacteria in our gut. Yes a good supplement of probiotics and digestive enzymes are great, but also eating the right food to nourish the good bacteria is extremely important. Eating a variety of whole foods including  berries, flaxseeds, non-starchy vegetables, dark greens and legumes. In addition to fermented and cultured foods such as pickles, kefir, miso and kimchi. Eliminate all packaged, processed and fast foods is key.

  4. Mood & Relaxation: So important, as the lower your mood the more likely you will crave the wrong foods. Living each day in a balanced way is key, yes we need to work but also everyday we need to find joy and relaxation. Giving ourself priority to do the things we like daily will help our moods and eventually our weight.

  5. Exercise: I guess we all know that. However, I need to stress it even more for weight loss. Getting motivated to exercise comes from finding the right routine which makes you enjoy your workout. So trying different physical activity until you find the one you like is ke

  6. Fasting: Yes one of my pillars. allowing the body to detox naturally between meals will help in loosing weight. I always suggest to stop eating at 6:00pm until 6:00am giving the body and our digestive system some rest to rejuvenate and detox. 


Our program at Utter Wellness ( www.utterwellness.com) encompass all these pillars and more. Clients enjoy the program and trying the different recipes while loosing weight becomes a by-product that for me is a great success… losing weight without obsessing…



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