7 Foods to Boost your Mood in Winter

February 13, 2018

We all dream of an escape to warm Mexico or the Caribbean, sunny beaches etc…during our cold, short and gloomy winter days. It takes a lot of effort to keep our heart warm and our mind positive. We worry about being unproductive, gaining weight, or being lazy watching Netflix as of 6pm..

But what if we increase the good-mood foods, can that help us be more motivated, more positive and joyful.. The science says yes… because these food contains nutrients with research-tested benefits on our moods and our neurotransmitters, so why not try to increase their consumption….…easy right..


  1. Walnuts: rich in Omega-3 specifically Alpha-Linolenic acid, which helps relieve some symptoms of depression 

  2. Pomegranate: is known to lower blood pressure, anxiety and depression.

  3. Probiotic rich foods: Feeding our gut with good bacteria is key to boosting our mood. Good sources are kefir, pickles, kimchi, or even a good supplement can help. 

  4. Shiitake Mushroom: they have an uplifting effect on our moods as they are high in Selenium and Magnesium..

  5. Dark Chocolate: yes but very dark chocolate, the darker the better, they are rich in polyphenols which also affect our moods.

  6. Lentils: they are rich in folate which is known to maintain normal levels of the happy hormone: Serotonin.

  7. Mango: extremely rich in Vitamin C ( more than oranges) which helps the body recover after stress.



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