If You’re Feeling Blocked, Stressed, Rushed, or Bored, just BREATHE.

May 24, 2018






Breathing is my favorite stress release exercise - it is free, easy, and effective.

Emotional blocks and emotional stress are all linked to fear. Fear can create negative statements and patterns, which we repeat to ourself such as: I am not enough, I can’t , I don’t have time, I am a failure, I have no control etc…..these statements actually halts our energy to live a happy life.


Fear weakens our immune system, it creates unnecessary emotional turbulence, and decreases our self-esteem. In sum,  fear does a lot of damage but it can be easily changed by altering our negative thought patterns, stopping them from rising to the surface, and replacing them with positive ones. 


One of the best way to get over fear and disrupt our negative thought patterns is to breathe. Breathing has an impact on the parasympathetic nervous system, it boost our immune system, relaxes our muscles, bring clarity and focus to the mind, lowers our heart rate, relieves stress, improve our sleep and promotes clearer thinking. There are many more benefits but these were enough to convince me.


Whenever your feel blocked, stressed, rushes or bored try these breathing exercises, they can be done anywhere and at anytime. 


1) Breath of fire:  Take a moment, bring your awareness to your breath as you inhale through your nose ( feeling the abdomen expand) and exhale through the nose by pulling the abdomen in. A few breath like that. It feels like your belly is expanding like a balloon and then contracting your push all the air out. Then start shortening the each breath and pick up the pace. Then start to equalize the length of each inhalation and each exhalation.. 


2) 4-4-4-4 Breath:  Inhale though the nose for a count of 4 , hold your breath for the count of 4, exhale through your mouth for the count of 4, hold on empty for the count of 4.


3) Alternate nostril breathing or Nadi shodana:  this a a simple yet powerful technique to quite the mind, ease racing thoughts and help you sleep.bring your right hand just in front of your face. With your right hand, bring your pointer finger and middle finger to rest between your eyebrows, lightly using them as an anchor. The fingers we’ll be actively using are the thumb and ring finger. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out through your nose. Close your right nostril with your right thumb. Inhale through the left nostril slowly and steadily. Close the left nostril with your ring finger so both nostrils are held closed; retain your breath at the top of the inhale for a brief pause then open your right nostril and release the breath slowly through the right side, briefly pause at the bottom of the exhale Inhale through the right side slowly. Hold both nostrils closed (with ring finger and thumb). Open your left nostril and release breath slowly through the left side, briefly Pause at the bottom. Repeat 3-5 cycles, allowing your mind to follow each inhalation and each exhalation.



It is said that if you practice these breathing exercise for only 1 minute a day, you can achieve many of the benefits for the mind and the body. So why not start now?


For more information go to www.utterwellness.com



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