Can this Unique Mineral Help Reduce Stress?

August 30, 2018

There’s no doubt that food has a powerful impact on your mood and your mental health. There are certain nutrients in food that affects the brain chemicals which influence our emotions and state of mind. Today I want to talk about one important one: Magnesium.


Magnesium is one of the essential mineral, that plays a major role in the biochemical reactions all over the body. It helps with 300 enzymatic reactions in the body, helps maintain balance in the transmission of nervous impulses, and aids in regulating blood sugar. 


Now the problem is not about having more magnesium but about STRESS. Stress increases the amount of magnesium we lose in the body, which leads to a magnesium deficiency. It is this deficiency which enhances our negative response to stress, and a vicious circle is created, the more stress, the less magnesium and vice versa.


Having adequate intake to magnesium rich foods everyday is important for optimal functioning of the nervous system and reduction of stress. Also practicing stress management techniques such as yoga, mindfulness and meditation can help reduce stress, which in turn reduces the depletion of magnesium.


Upping our magnesium rich food daily can help the nervous system fight against the feeling of stress and help promote a calm inner environment.


The RDA recommends between 310-420 mg a day, depending on age and sex.


Here are the top magnesium rich foods:


  1. Almonds: 1 ounce = 80 Milligrams (20%)

  2. Spinach: 1 cup =157 milligrams ( 40%DV)

  3. Swiss Chard: 1 cup = 154 milligram ( 38% DV)

  4. Pumpkin seeds: 1/8 cup = 92 milligram ( 23% DV)

  5. Quinoa: 1 cup =118 mg 

  6. Sesame seeds: 1 Tbsp = 32mg

  7. Black beans: 1 cup =120mg

  8. Oatmeal: 1 cup = 58mg

  9. Broccoli: 1 cup =51mg

  10. Banana: 1 medium = 23mg



To get your daily requirement per day and even more is easy:



1 cup oatmeal = 58mg

1 banana= 23mg

1 ounce almonds = 80mg

Total: 161 mg



1 cup broccoli= 51mg

1 cup black bean= 120mg

1/8 cup pumpkin seeds = 92

Total: 263 mg



1 cup quinoa= 118mg

1 Tbsp sesame seeds= 32

1 cup spinach= 157mg

Total: 307 mg


Adding these rich magnesium food to your diet will help you maintain your magnesium level and reduce stress. 


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