Loosing weight with mindful eating, is it possible?

September 3, 2018

We consume so many calories without realizing it. Become aware of what, how, and why you are eating will help in weight loss.


Mindful eating helps us become aware of who is hungry is it the body, or the heart or the mind?. It helps us answer these 2 simple questions: how and what is best to nourish my body now?. Mindful eating is natural, cheap and effective weight loss tool,  it forces you to slow down and pay attention to your food, and to the action of eating. It helps you become aware of the food your are eating and the reason you are eating and how your are eating. It will help yo


u become more focused on your body’s needs and become aware of the hunger cues.


Asking a few questions before eating such as: Am I really hungry? Will this food nourish my body? Is it good for me? Will bring you to the present moment and avoid mindless eating.

Here are the tips:

1) Love and accept your body: No need to fight it or have a negative image of your body. Love your body the way it is. Say these affirmations: I am willing to see my body with love. I am releasing all fears about my body.

2) Decide to eat: So many time we just nibble or say we won’t eat and just munch here and there and consume much more calories then a full meal. Take the decision to sit and eat.

3) Sit down when you eat and concentrate on eating only. Avoid any distraction such as watching TV, checking facebook etc…

4) Appreciate your food: Look at the food you are eating, give it love, be grateful for it.

5) Choose smaller portions and if you are still hungry add another portion.

6) Eat slowly : try to chew 15-20 times.


You might not have time to do this all the time but trying to at least have 1 mindful meals a day will help you reach your weight loss goals.


Have a great Day!

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