Personalized Program

Meal plan - Recipes - Grocery list

28 days

Clients Love the programs
Now is the time to take charge of your health, no matter where you are physically, mentally, and emotionally. 
Our programs are easy to follow and will give you all the necessary tools, to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle, and mostly to empower you with state of mind to change. 
Give your body the change to thrive, so you can feel strong and beautiful.
Once the toxins are kicked out of your body you will be surprised by all the changes which you will see and feel internally and externally.


( as per clients)

  • Weight-loss and increased metabolic function

  •  Improved Digestion and gut health

  •  Lowers cholesterol 

  •  Lowers stress levels

  •  Increase mental clarity and positive energy

  •  Improved quality of sleep

  •  Decrease in joint pain and swelling

  •  Acne clearing

  •  Decrease in Diabetes levels

  •  Increase in Enegery levels

  •  Decrease in symptoms of IBS and leaky gut .

"Your body is precious, it is our vehicle to awakening.Treat it with care"


Selin, Account Manager/ Istanbul

" LOVED the program, this whole new healthy lifestyle is just great. Easy recipes, affordable grocery shopping, great planning tips. It changed my life.

I love cooking but was having trouble making it healthy, nutritious and fast.  The Utter Wellness girls showed me amazing healthy, fast meals and taught me OVER SKYPE how to schedule exercise, and meditation into my daily routine. Lost 10 pounds!Yey!



Consultations can be face to face/skype/facetime.

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